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Great Green Roof: Year Two

Our SW+A Green Roof modules will be two years old this summer.  They are not looking too great at the moment because of three possibilities: the sedums have declined over time, the soil has lost its nutrients or they have experienced too much rainfall this winter.  We are positive our modules will bounce back this summer and we plan to give our test samples some extra attention in the next few months.

Green Roofs are almost nonexistent in our area and it will be interesting to see the first large commercial installation. Find more information about Great Green Roof here.

Sullivan's Island Commercial District Plan


SeamonWhiteside + Associates with its urban design studio, Urban Edge Studio, architects LS3P, and traffic engineers Kimley Horn have been working with the town and citizens of Sullivan’s Island on a plan to formalize the commercial district along Middle Street. The effort is designed to reduce the impact of traffic and commercial activities on the residential areas of the Town and provide adequate, smart, parking layouts, traffic patterns, and zoning guidelines. A multi-day design charrette/ public workshop was held to help the design team further define the goals and requirements of the plan. The design team presented the draft Commercial District Plan at a meeting with Town staff, residents, and business owners on October 16, 2008. The Post and Courier article of 10/22/08 discusses the presentation of the plan to the public.

SW+A created the Urban Edge Studio this past summer to provide specialized urban design and public planning services to communities, campuses, and residential developments throughout the Southeast. For more information, visit our websites.

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