Joining Old with the New and Ordinary with the Extraordinary

Sometimes it’s nice just to get out of the office and catch your breath.  It’s amazing how we get caught up inside the office, never even venturing outside, except for the lonely stroll to the car to go home.

Last Friday morning High Res Studio changed the system.  We loaded up our entire landscape architecture department and set sail for the Augusta Road neighborhoods in Greenville, SC.  Our goal was to see what landscape combinations worked in the local high-end areas, what ‘old world’ details could be reincorporated into new construction and how does a great spring/fall palette look in the winter time.

What we found was that we need to get out of the office more!  New design ideas were created and we found a new sense of style when it comes to designing those intimate spaces we all love. Here are some of the photos:

Post written by Blake Sanders of the Greenville, SC SWA Branch

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