We’ve worked hard to position SW+ as a leader of environmentally conscious, low-impact advancements in engineering and site design.

We blend civil engineering and landscape architecture to create holistic environments for PEOPLE. We commit to keeping up with the evolving technologies of sustainability. 

Holism cannot function without a balance of three parts: natural systems, long-term economic values and working diversity in our communities. At SW+, we incorporate these concepts into the foundation of every project we touch.

When it comes to being sustainable, we strive to leave our mark by making the exception the convention, and making the conventional truly exceptional.

Our History

When landscape architect Kenny Seamon and civil engineer Stuart Whiteside created a business partnership in 1985, the result was SW+, the only company in Charleston offering both services under one roof.

This unique mix worked, and soon after, another principal was added to the company, landscape architect Lee Gastley.

With the goal of being the best design firm in the region, the SW+ leadership team continues to attract the brightest talent, each with a unique expertise in one of the many facets of land design.

Now with 100+ employees, and offices in Mount Pleasant, Greenville, Summerville, and Spartanburg, SC and Charlotte, NC, SW+ inspires employees to stand behind its tagline, going beyond the blueprints to see possibilities and people. 

Our Approach

Call it right brain, left brain. 

There is a big difference in how engineers and landscape architects visualize a project. At SW+, we approach every plan from both points of view, working together to create a successfully integrated venture.  In our world, that’s a good thing.

We find synergy in bringing together the top professionals in both the disciplines of landscape architecture and civil engineering.

Our talented team works side-by-side, in bright offices, with a mix of individual workspaces, shared meeting rooms and a creative studio environment. The result? From sports stadiums to walkable mixed-use communities, we establish cutting edge solutions that not only look great, but function successfully.