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Seamon Whiteside + Associates’ High Res Studio designs spaces for the 2010 Southern Living Showcase Home

The High Res Studio of Seamon Whiteside + Associates (SW + A) used their  landscape architectural and site design talents to create a visually striking yet low-maintenance outdoor space for the 2010 Southern Living Showcase Home. A LEED for Homes project, the design and construction team worked together to create luxurious indoor and outdoor space utilizing ‘green’ building practices.  In total 15 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits were intertwined to produce a green initiative throughout the formal and naturalistic garden designs.

Using good LEED design principals, SW + A incorporated a number of green building systems into the home’s outdoor plan. By choosing native plants that take little maintenance such as Red Oak Maples and ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia trees, adding  a rain barrel and a compost, and integrating outdoor living space with the addition of an exterior living room and kitchen, High-Res Studio was able to create a unique, totally liveable space and add credits towards LEED certification.

To learn more about all 15 LEED credits used in the Showcase Home check out the Southern Living Showcase Home’s builder, Dillard-Jones’ blog.

The house is available for viewing on  weekends now through December 19th.  Hours include: Friday from 1-6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Sunday from 1 – 6 p.m.

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Bragging Rights

Meredith Bearden, LEED® AP
Land Planner

Although I have only been at SeamonWhiteside+Associates for nearly three years now, I stand honored and privileged to be a part of such a reputable firm and what I know as my home away from home.  Since establishment in 1985, SW+A has provided services such as Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Permit Coordination, and Construction Administration.  With projects ranging in size from one acre to 4,500 acres, I have been lucky to have taken part in a number of project types such as residential, planned developments, commercial, parks & recreation, public works, schools, urban design, and due diligence.  It is pretty amazing to have on record that SW+A has not only designed over 25,000 residential units equating to housing over 60,000 people, but in twenty-four years, we have also engineered more than one million linear feet of water and sewer lines! As history continues to be made, even in these trying times, we continue to hunker down, keep our spirits up, and get the job done right.

While we remain encouraged and committed to keeping up with the evolving technologies in our field, we continue to be ambitious in our goals of professional development.  With offices in Mount Pleasant and Greenville totaling to 51 employees, we have a total of 9 Professional Engineers, 12 Registered Landscape Architects, 10 LEED® AP Civil Engineers including three PEs (40% of civil staff), and 9 LEED® AP Landscape Architects including five RLAs (50% of LA staff). This leaves us with 21 registered personnel and 44% LEED Accredited Professional staff! Times are always changing and as this firm evolves with new studios, new designs, and new ideas, we hold true to the people we are and the services we provide.  I am proud to be part a part of this journey, this firm, and this family, and that is something to brag about!


Meredith Bearden, LEED® AP
Land Planner

Wash, dry, reuse - what could be more simple!

Wash, dry, reuse – what could be more simple!

The Green Movement continues to grow every day with our world’s efforts to address environmental issues and engage in more sustainable practices and design responses. “Going Green” specifically involves the initiatives taken to reduce, reuse, recycle, and be a better steward of the world’s materials and resources. With our own sustainable approach, SW+A is going green!

There is a long list of sustainable efforts that SW+A is putting into action in the near future, and it should be pointed out that SW+A has already implemented green practices within both the Mt. Pleasant and Greenville offices. Currently, SW+A recycles ink cartridges and batteries, turns off lights when unused, shares community trashcans, and recycles all office paper products. Specifically considering recycled office paper, both SW+A offices combined recycle 310 pounds of office paper every two weeks, which is equal to 1.24 tons of paper recycled every 4 months. SW+A could save more than 16 trees every quarter, which is a total of saving more than 64 trees each year!

As SW+A takes action on new plans to green the office, it begins to go beyond just recycling paper. In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, SW+A Mt. Pleasant takes the next step. The Mt. Pleasant office will implement new reusable kitchen utensils and products to replace the paper cups, plates and plastic silverware. They have introduced new items such as dishwasher-safe reusable plates made in the USA; dishwasher-safe, microwaveable-safe dishware and coffee mugs made in the USA; dishwasher-safe, reusable tumblers; and Spudware, an 80% potato starch, 20% soy oil flatware innovation that is reusable and dishwasher-safe! As disposable products are needed for specific uses, they will be 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials. In a cost comparison that included the cost of materials and cost of electricity and water, we calculated that the implementation of reusable kitchen products will save SW+A over $400 per year!

SW+A will continue to create a sustainable office culture so look out for our new green practices… and make sure to practice in your own home! A few green hints in the home: USE REUSABLE BAGS because more energy is wasted from the production of plastic AND paper bags, even if they are recycled; RINSE OUT RECYCLABLES but don’t waste water trying to get every smudge of food (Beer bottles – you can leave fruit slices in the bottles; Peanut butter jars – small smears of PB can remain when recycling; Soap remnants can remain in soap/detergent bottles; Staples and tape on paper do not require removal before recycling); DISHWASHING with a fully loaded dishwasher takes less energy than the water wasted when hand washing, and don’t use the heat-dry option with dishwasher, use the air-dry option to save energy; and also USE COLD WATER for washing laundry because your clothes get just as clean and it saves energy. The opportunities are endless…GO GREEN and SUSTAIN YOURSELF! SW+A did!