30 Years of Ingenuity


Kenny Seamon and Stuart Whiteside have always been about doing things differently.

In 1985, after working together for a number of years, the two entrepreneurs decided to create a new company with a unique approach. That approach was based on the idea that the environment should be designed and work in harmony with its natural surroundings. Kenny combined his planning and landscape architecture experience, with the engineering expertise of Stuart, to create the design firm we know today as SeamonWhiteside+.


Over the next few years, the company flourished, and another principal was added to the executive team, landscape architect, Lee Gastley. The balance and combination of knowledge in civil engineering and landscape architecture made SW+ the only firm in Charleston with both services under one roof.

The SW+ team have completed countless projects during the three decades they’ve been in business, many of them becoming treasured landmarks in the community. From soccer stadiums to farmer’s markets, to parks and amphitheaters, to residential, commercial and mixed use properties, SW+ has done it all since it’s beginning. Along the way, delivering quality results while building lasting community partnerships.

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Over the next few months, leading up to our 30th Anniversary celebration, we’re going to look back and revisit some of our more prominent and relevant projects that are part of what makes the company who we are today. These ‘Legacy Projects’ tell the story of our 30 years in business, and will help us celebrate our exciting anniversary year!

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