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The SW+ Legacy: International Center for Automative Research


Our Legacy Project blog series has taken us around the Lowcountry to showcase projects that have been significant to our company’s growth and culture. On the last post, we introduced readers to Clemson University’s Military Heritage Plaza, a project that was instrumental in the development of our Greenville office. Since our move into the Upstate, we’ve been able to utilize our staff’s unique skill set and expand our workforce, to create memorable landmarks in the Greenville area, many of which impact the learning and living environment at Clemson University, such as the International Center for Automotive Research.

CU-ICAR Master Plan

Commonly known as CU-ICAR, SeamonWhiteside’s staff members collaborated alongside nationally recognized firms like Andropogon and Smith Group, JRR in the preparation of the campus master plan that took over two years to complete. SW+ also provided civil engineering and landscape architectural services for several office/education facilities on the campus. Since our initial involvement almost 10 years ago, the team has attended numerous project meetings and site visits to work through the challenges of building on a site with multiple construction efforts taking place at one time. SW+ staffers, Bill Eubanks, Clint Rigsby, Chris Watson and Joe Bryant have worked with the evolving campus from the master plan through design and construction of the final Technical Neighborhood I project, One Research Drive.




The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research serves as a leader in the development of public/private partnerships that have immeasurable economic impact for both local and state economies. The research and development that happens within its campus garners world-wide attention and acclaim almost daily. The Technology Neighborhood One (TN1), the first phase of CU-ICAR’s 250-acre master plan, created a unique urban environment in which both students, professionals and information technology all coexist. The 30-acre TN1 not only offers advanced degrees in automotive engineering, but also serves as a hub for automotive research and development. Within TN1, SW+ has been responsible for the design of the Navarro Garden, AutoPark, Innovation Place (including green roof), Center for Emerging Technologies and One Research Drive (currently under construction.)

interstate signage

Clint let us know that if you look closely you might find pavers that have small tiger paws engraved in them throughout the plaza. He also let us in on a secret. Since cars are sometimes on display within the Graduate Engineering Center, a Humvee H1 was used to define the final geometry of the pedestrian ramp into the building. Word on the street, Joe Bryant drives a mean Humvee.


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