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SW+chi Olympics – A Study in Teambuilding


For the past several days, SW+ staff has been engaged in the most awesome Olympic Games ever held. Throughout the events the competition has been fierce, with displays of previously hidden, awe inspiring skills. For those of us fortunate enough to have front-row seats, we will never forget Preston Busbee’s spot on charades play, Lia Tomcsak’s deadly precision with a rubber band, and the adept wrist-snap demonstrated by Chris Ackerman’s winning paper airplane flight? And there’s more to come.

Why are we doing all these silly activities? As anyone can see, they are clearly fun but are they useful as well? Science says they are. Results of a variety of studies carried out by psychologists, business schools and human relations specialists, show that out of the norm outings and competitions help to foster collaboration and break-down barriers to communication that can plague a company. Workplace stresses, differences of background, and personality styles – extrovert vs introvert for example – have a tendency to reduce team effectiveness and result in a loss of morale and individual performance. Teambuilding initiatives, like the SW+chi Olympics help to neutralize these negatives and promote a stronger, more focused group dynamic and healthier workplace environment.

So…join us by watching a few silly videos (check out our Facebook page), make a few rah-rah comments, and help us celebrate our terrific office culture.

Well, perhaps ‘culture’ is too strong a word.

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