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2010 Getting2Tri National ParaTriathlon Training Camp

As a technical advisor on the coaching staff for Getting2Tri and as an amputee runner, I am inspired by the athletes in this organization who have an array of challenges from limb loss or other traumas.

My wife Jennifer and I recently had the privilege of attending the 2010 Getting2Tri National ParaTriathlon Training Camp.  Athletes trained on the campus of Georgia Tech and at the outstanding Campus Recreation Center, the site of the 1996 Olympic aquatic events.

The amazing thing is that the foundation not only has an impact on people with disabilities, but on able-bodied people as well. It is a life changing experience, to see what anyone can do when they have motivation, drive and support. Athletes can focus on any or all events of the triathlon while receiving national-class coaching and peer mentoring.

For our entire experience, there was only a positive atmosphere of fun and accomplishment. To see someone take their first running steps to the applause of the camp’s members was a moving experience. To quote one volunteer, “Just finished the G2T training camp. WOW! How do you inspire an active amputee…you don’t, they inspire YOU!!!”

If you are able to volunteer, I can assure you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Richard Blalock of SWA

Joining Old with the New and Ordinary with the Extraordinary

Sometimes it’s nice just to get out of the office and catch your breath.  It’s amazing how we get caught up inside the office, never even venturing outside, except for the lonely stroll to the car to go home.

Last Friday morning High Res Studio changed the system.  We loaded up our entire landscape architecture department and set sail for the Augusta Road neighborhoods in Greenville, SC.  Our goal was to see what landscape combinations worked in the local high-end areas, what ‘old world’ details could be reincorporated into new construction and how does a great spring/fall palette look in the winter time.

What we found was that we need to get out of the office more!  New design ideas were created and we found a new sense of style when it comes to designing those intimate spaces we all love. Here are some of the photos:

Post written by Blake Sanders of the Greenville, SC SWA Branch

Urban Land Institute Discusses Haywood Road

On March 17th, I participated in a ULI (Urban Land Institute) meeting in Greenville, S.C. The session was led by Joe Pazdan, AIA of McMillan Pazdan Smith, and the topic of the discussion was the Haywood Road Master Plan. About 100 people attended.

Dan Roberts, AIA (Clark Patterson & Lee) and I made a presentation on the master plan process and recommendations. It was a special day for Dan, since he is Irish, and the session was held on St. Patrick’s Day. However, no green beer was available.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion. The panel consisted of Kevin McOmber (Clark Patterson & Lee), Jeannine Bowers (Duke Energy), Nancy Whitworth (City of Greenville), Michael McNicholas (Carolina Holdings) and Gaye Sprague (Sprague & Sprague Consulting Engineers). Bill Misiaveg of Carolina Holdings was the moderator.

Urban Edge Studio and the Greenville office of SW+A were on the design team for the project, led by Clark Patterson & Lee. About a year or so ago we facilitated a week-long charrette held in a vacant storefront in the study area that was very well received and attended.

The solution involves marketing the area as Greenville, S.C’s  “Uptown” and guiding the suburban redevelopment through a hybrid form-based code. Some of the first initiatives include a signage program, a model intersection improvement, and placing utilities underground in what amounts to a “pilot project” between the City and Duke Power. My part of the presentation focused on the form-based code aspect of the project and the important of getting the streets right – and knitting the street network back together.

Even in this economy, the general mood in the session was very positive concerning the future of the Haywood Road area. While the mall is aging but strong, everyone realizes that could change in the future and they need a good “road map” for how the area evolves. After all, there is an entire Web site devoted to dead malls and everyone in retail knows malls are not the way of the future.

Haley, Russ and I enjoyed leading the charrette effort and planning process and are thrilled that the city of Greenville is moving forward as quickly as they are with some of the early initiatives. Greenville does not mess around when things need to be done! We see a great future for Greenville’s Uptown!

Bill Eubanks, FASLA

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