2010 Getting2Tri National ParaTriathlon Training Camp

As a technical advisor on the coaching staff for Getting2Tri and as an amputee runner, I am inspired by the athletes in this organization who have an array of challenges from limb loss or other traumas.

My wife Jennifer and I recently had the privilege of attending the 2010 Getting2Tri National ParaTriathlon Training Camp.  Athletes trained on the campus of Georgia Tech and at the outstanding Campus Recreation Center, the site of the 1996 Olympic aquatic events.

The amazing thing is that the foundation not only has an impact on people with disabilities, but on able-bodied people as well. It is a life changing experience, to see what anyone can do when they have motivation, drive and support. Athletes can focus on any or all events of the triathlon while receiving national-class coaching and peer mentoring.

For our entire experience, there was only a positive atmosphere of fun and accomplishment. To see someone take their first running steps to the applause of the camp’s members was a moving experience. To quote one volunteer, “Just finished the G2T training camp. WOW! How do you inspire an active amputee…you don’t, they inspire YOU!!!”

If you are able to volunteer, I can assure you a memory that will last a lifetime.

Richard Blalock of SWA

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