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Even a Civil Engineer Can Go Green!

Betty Niermann, P.E.
Group Leader/Civil Engineering

Niermann Place Upgrades

Niermann Place Upgrades

We moved into our new home almost 3 years ago and have been working on our yard ever since. We have relocated mature azaleas and crepe myrtles (with great success), tore out a termite attracting deck and replaced it with a (pervious) cobble pave patio, and added a few additional trees to the landscaping. Our latest project was the addition of a rain barrel and pavers under the boat canopy. It all been a labor of love to achieve a home we can be proud of.

I do have to admit many of these projects we would never of thought of, or attempted to tackle, if I had not first learned of the products (cobble pavers and rain barrels) through work.  Can you name that flower by the rain barrel?

I’ll let you know when we are ready to replace our shed if anyone wants to show off their construction skills. I’ll soon have a challenge for the landscape architects in our office to see if you can help me green up a corner that is barren.

Green Roof: 1 Year and Going Strong

Zach Bearden, RLA, LEED® AP
Landscape Architect

Our SW+A green roof is alive and well.  The LiveRoof® product has survived a full year with absolutely no maintenance.  Actually we forgot about it.  SW+A may have one of the only modular green roof installations in Charleston.  We feel  that the LiveRoof® system is a truly sustainable product for new construction of energy efficient buildings, LEED projects, and suburban retrofits.

Green Roofs are great way to reduce operating expenses, add beauty to otherwise desolate roof space, and reduce storm water run off.  Thanks to Mike Semones of Riverbend Nursery for donating the modules for our test installation.

To learn more about LiveRoof® visit:

Keeping Perspective

Zach Bearden, RLA, LEED® AP
Landscape Architect

The Leader of the Pack

Kenny Seamon Shows the Way

With the current economy down it’s easy for one to get down on everything else as well. Now is a great time to focus on family, personal goals, and hobbies outside of the office.

I had a great time this past weekend getting out to the beach and on the water with friends. Charleston offers us a great quality of life and we have to keep that in perspective. Check out the pick below of Kenny Seamon leading the pack.   Kenny, Russ Seamon, JR Toribio, and I are all members of the Family Riders Motorcycle Club.

Remember to take some time this summer to appreciate the good things in life.

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