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Birth of a website

Anne Stjern, Marketing Coordinator

Finally! It's here. We're done. Time to celebrate! The idea for a new website for SW+A has been kicked around the company hallways and water coolers for quite awhile. Our old site was, well, old and not very exciting. We wanted something that showed us off as the talented, dedicated, creative folks that we really are. We wanted to show our clients, potential clients, and future co-workers a few of our designs and successes. Our old site didn't do any of that very well. So, last May we got serious and hired Blue Ion to help us design our new site.

Websites are, at least for me, a marriage of art and commerce. They have a definable emotional component, a message as it were, that can be crafted to fit the company or personality or even widget that is the motivation for the site. They must be easily navigated, sort of like Missouri-direct and to the point; they must have informative content and pretty things to look at. But they also have to have that certain something, the “IT” factor, that all the best and brightest have, that is totally a product of magic.

We think that with the help of our friends at Blue Ion we've created a bit of magic. We hope you do too.

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